North American Coal Adds Reflective Vinyl Numbers to Equipment for Mine Safety!

North American Coal operates offices at 1000 McIntire Road in Ackerman, MS. When company representatives toured Gillette’s mines, they learned about SignBoss and the industry-specific work we do. Thus, when they needed reflective vinyl numbers for mine equipment at the Red Hills Mine in MS, the team hired us for the project.

Boosting Machine Safety with Reflective Numbers for Heightened Visibility

Reflective Vinyl Numbers for Mine Equipment

We worked with the client to get the specs. They already had a good idea of what they needed, so our design work was kept to a minimum. Our technicians used diamond grade reflective vinyl that we imprinted on our flatbed printer. We then shipped the finished product to Ackerman, MS. The client liked what they saw and will continue to order more numbers over the next few months.

Which Problems Do Reflective Graphics Solve?

Reflective Vinyl Numbers for Mine Safety

North American Coal is joining a growing list of clients who order reflective graphics. These products are designed to solve several problems. For this client, it was the need to increase machine visibility while working in the mines. That said, other clients have other issues they need to resolve.

Reflective vehicle graphics. You already know that we do vehicle wraps. However, did you also know that we could use reflective vinyl for these projects? Adding these graphics ensures that your vehicles are highly visible after dark when oncoming traffic illuminates the images.

Removable reflective graphics. If you are participating in an event, consider adding removable reflective graphics for this specific occasion. These are excellent options for vehicles, racecars, special event display cases, and other products you might use after dark.

Reflective window and wall graphics. When you want your storefront or building façade to stand out after dark, add reflective window and wall graphics to the mix. Not only do they boost visibility during the day, but they also illuminate after dark when parking vehicles shine their headlights on the façade.

Safety Decals for Machinery and Vehicles

Printing Reflective Numbers for Mines Nationwide

Your business can upgrade the safety of the cars, trucks, or vans you use in daily interactions with a variety of decals. Reflective vinyl is only one alternative. You might also heighten workplace or job site safety with themed labels. Examples include stickers with various warnings such as “high voltage,” “shock hazard,” and “fire extinguisher” locations inside a vehicle or space.

How to Buy Reflective Vinyl Numbers for Mine Equipment

Reflective Vinyl Numbers and Letters

Our sign shop will gladly design and manufacture niche-specific vinyl images, graphics, and decals for your business. We can install them if you are in town or ship the finished products for self-installation, no matter where you do business. If you already have designs on hand, we work with these details to transform them into products that meet your size specifications.

We select the vinyl type depending on the installation location for the products. For example, heavy machinery decals exposed to water will require a different kind of adhesive than those you may place on an indoor cabinet.

Connect with us today to learn more about your options and to place your order!

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