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Established at 2301 West 4J Road, Campbell County Public Health replaces the old Public Health Department building. Residents appreciate the facility’s impact on the community as a staple of safety during the 2020 COVID outbreak. When this local hospital needed eye-catching fleet graphics in Gillette, WY, the management team contacted SignBoss for help.

Focusing Consumer Attention by Making a Great Impression as a Brand

Partial fleet graphics in Gillette WY

The venue’s fleet consists of a distinctive service van and two 2021 Dodge Durangos. These highly visible cars needed treatment to make them stand out even more. Our technicians worked with the client on the design, production, and installation of three-quarter vehicle wraps with a stunning blue fade.

Fleet wraps and graphics in Gillette WY

Gradient color changes look amazing and attract attention. They turn heads and ensure that passersby read the rest of the information. In the case of Campbell County Public Health, this means the name and logo of the organization. Now, these vehicles make their rounds through the medical community and often garner reactions of jealousy from other branches of local health wishing that they had such standout symbols.

Which Vehicle Graphics Treatment is Right for You?

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Our sign shop works with municipalities, schools, healthcare facilities, and private business owners. No matter your marketing and branding needs, we can assist you with the design of graphics that underscore your details.

Corporate persona. Feature your company’s name and logo as the centerpiece of a full wrap, partial wrap, or vehicle graphics package. This is the information that catches the consumer’s eye. Typically, it combines with contact details such as a phone number or a website address.

Service or product details. A menu of services is a frequent request of contractors and related industries. By displaying three or four words or phrases, you highlight how you differ from others in your niche. The same goes for product mentions. This possible element of a vehicle treatment is suitable for differentiating your brand message from others.

Targeted graphics. Images should either focus on your company’s chosen images and logo displays or feature niche-specific images that underscore your company’s specialization. If you have images on hand, we gladly incorporate them. If you do not have graphics you want to use, we can help you find the right ones.

Perforated window graphics. One of the most popular vehicle wrap add-ons is the perforated vinyl window graphic. It covers the rear or rear side windows of your vehicle. It may continue your wrap or augment it with color contrasts and related information. Because there are small holes in the vinyl, the driver can see out. However, those on the outside will not see into the car.

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fleet wraps and graphics in Campbell County WY

If your cars, trucks, or vans are not displaying your corporate persona and other details, you miss one of the most effective marketing tools currently in your possession. The more vehicles you have on the road, the more frequently you expose the consumer to your message. And, you’ll want to choose a sign company that is a 3M Preferred Vinyl Graphics Installer – that’s SignBoss!

Because SignBoss serves the business communities in and around Gillette, Casper, Buffalo, and Sheridan, WY, we are ready to work with your company, too. Call us today to discuss your fleet vehicle graphics project!

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