Vehicle Wraps Design: Tips and Tricks to Get Maximum Results

Vehicle wraps are cost-effective means of business marketing for both small and large businesses. Thousands of people see such advertisement on a daily basis. They significantly influence your brand visibility and revenue.

Regardless of the audience reach and relatively low price, there are various steps you should take to reap maximum results from your vehicle wraps. Here are some few tips and tricks:

  1. Grab Attention 

Your number one priority is to grab the attention of your consumers. The vehicle wraps you decide to install should stand out. If it isn’t appealing, nobody will remember your company name. When choosing the right design, be bold and different. Make it stand out amongst the other cars in traffic.

  1. Legibility 

When you want to advertise on the side of a vehicle, you obviously need to grab the viewers’ attention in the shortest time possible. In those few seconds, your message has to be readable and understandable. People should be able to recognize your brand’s theme at a distance. Ensure that your wrap is legible at all angles to make the most out of it.

  1. Few Words

An efficient wrap design has a few essential elements. Having too much text can reduce visibility. You can include your tagline, contact details or address and company name. People walking along the street or driving have limited attention. Including lengthy texts or excessive bullet points can be distracting.

  1. Remember the Roof 

Most people who go for vehicle wraps forget using the roof. Placing the graphics on the roof may not sound as efficient, although, it will remarkably increase the scope of view. What’s the best part? If you are in the area with a lot of buildings, many people who work or live there will look down and view your advertisement. 

  1. Branding 

The main reason you want a vehicle wrap is to sell your brand. Before you go on to spend money on it, think about your brand. Make sure you have a clear vision and message of what you want to communicate. This means that every element you choose (images, text, graphics) you choose should work together to build your brand image.

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Considering the scope of view and cost effectiveness, vehicle wraps take the spot for the best form of advertisement.

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