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Vehicle Wraps Offer Good Value

When John Bear was looking for marketing opportunities a few years ago, he weighed several options. Eventually he decided on installing vehicle wraps on his fleet that he uses for his business, Bear’s Naturally Clean Dry Cleaners.

“I looked at a shared digital billboard space,” Bear said. “I could pay for a wrap in virtually 10 months time of the billboard advertising.”

So, about three years ago, he had three of the vehicles in his fleet wrapped by Sign Boss. Dana Eiland and her team of designers at Sign Boss helped Bear to create a wrap that would draw attention and positively portray Bear’s business and had the wraps installed on the vehicles in less than a week.

“We picked a really interesting design, so people really noticed our wraps,” Bear said. “I went with the concept of branding instead of just putting a bunch of information out there.”

Almost immediately Bear started receiving comments on the newly wrapped vehicles. Now three years later, the vehicle wraps are still holding up in the harsh Wyoming environment and Bear continues to get comments about the vehicles.

“As soon as they were out on the road we were receiving comments,” Bear said. “Marketing is really my weakest skill set, but I feel like I hit a homerun with these wraps.”

3M Certified, Sign Boss offers its custom designed wraps at a reasonable price. Since the wraps can be installed easily offsite, Sign Boss can wrap vehicles at locations throughout the region.

“It’s a great value even though the initial cost may seem like a lot,” Eiland said. “The cost per views is so low and the vehicle wraps last for years.”

Eiland recommends customers redo wraps every three to four years to reexamine their company branding and to ensure the images are still sharp and consistent.

“You can expect it to last three years and by then it’s a good time to freshen up your marketing,” Eiland said.

Recently, Sign Boss completed wraps for the Gillette Airport Shuttle and Wyoming Roofing, each taking advantage of the visibility the wraps offer.

Bears 3 inline_Touched
Bears Naturally Clean Dry Cleaners
Wyoming Roofing



“The amount of views you can get far surpasses the amount of views you get from print or radio,” Eiland said. “It’s the best value for the marketing budget.”

Studies from the RYP & Becker Group show that the majority of people believe fleet graphics have more impact than billboards.

Here’s a few ways that vehicle marketing can work for your business:

  • Reach a wide audience.
  • Create a unique branding for your company.
  • Target your audience by increasing visibility in target areas.
  • Low cost per impression.
  • Add dimension to your marketing mix.
  • Advertising around the clock.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to update or change the message with a new wrap.


For more information on the vehicle wraps by Sign Boss, visit www.signbossonline.com or call 307-687-SIGN (7446).

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