CartWash Uses UVC Lights to Kill 99.9% of Bacteria – SignBoss Helps with Sanitizing Station Vinyl Graphics!

Last year, Gillette College hosted Startup Weekend. In a short 54 hours, entrepreneurs connect with mentors, investors, and sponsors who are willing to assist with a company’s launch. One business that successfully started was CartWash. Located at 345 Sinclair Street, CartWash technicians are bona fide germ busters. The company uses UVC lights to kill 99.9% of viruses, airborne viruses, and bacteria that you would typically find on shopping carts. While building the company prototype, the CartWash management team connected with our sign shop to handle the signage in the form of vinyl graphics for sanitizing stations!

Preparing a New Start-up Company for Success

Vinyl Graphics for Sanitizing Stations in Gillette WY

Our technicians once again took advantage of the excellent CNC router at Area 59 to separate the 3mm Dibond signage. The durability is a must since the company envisions plenty of daily use for its cleaning stations. Moreover, the goal was a setup that would be fully brand-centric.

Accomplishing this step was easy because we could select the brand colors and combine them with excellent graphics featuring the corporate logo. Now, CartWash is ready to drum up business and take the local economy by storm. Excellent signage helps with creating name and brand recognition as well as brand awareness.

New Businesses Need Excellent Signage

Creating Graphics for CartWash Sanitizing Stations

Some entrepreneurs treat signage as an afterthought. More often than not, this decision turns out to be a mistake. Today’s consumer has become selective and expects to be wooed. A hand-written sign on the back of a cardboard box will not suffice. Similarly, then hand-painted letters on a piece of particleboard do not make the cut.

CNC Routed Dibond Signs in Gillette WY

However, start-ups worry about the expense associated with new signage. We can help by directing you toward budget-friendly solutions that nevertheless look fantastic.

Vinyl window graphics. They are excellent for your office windows, storefront panels, and any other glass surface. Choose frosted and etched vinyl to add renditions of your name and logo. You might also choose imprinted, colorful vinyl graphics for your storefront.

Vinyl banners. Banners are excellent at drawing the customer’s eye. They can be as colorful as you like, suitable for interior and exterior displays, and get the message across.

Sign foam. Our technicians are big fans of sign foam. There are different types for interior and exterior use. Therefore, this is a budget-friendly choice when you need building signage as well as a lobby sign and other products. Most importantly, the material is fully customizable.

Vehicle decals. Instead of separate vehicle lettering and images, this decal combines the two. Our team can produce them in different sizes to be suitable for placement on a hood, roof, side doors, or along the bed of a truck.

Do You Need Vinyl Graphics for Sanitizing Stations or Other Types of Businesses?

Viny Graphics for UV Sanitizing Stations

Discuss your plans with our graphic artist. This specialist can take your specs and turn them into excellent signage products. If you are not sure yet what you want the sign to look like, consider using their expertise to put something together during your consultation.

We gladly assist you with all aspects of the process, taking the project from inception to final installation. Contact us today!

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