Campbell County Public Health Department Informs with LED Monument Sign in Gillette WY

Monument signs are an art form! At the same time, LED monument signs in Gillette, WY, are well suited to advertise, tell your brand story, and inform passersby of events as well as specials. When you need to get the point across quickly, the monument is ideal. Campbell County Public Health knows that.

CARES Act Funding Gives the Medical Facility an Effective Display Opportunity

LED Monument Sign Proofs in Gillette WY

The Public Health Department frequently has information it needs to get out quickly. By taking advantage of CARES Act funding, it could order a monument sign at 2301 South 4-J Road that would make this possible.

LED Monument Signs in Gillette WY

Officials now have the ability to communicate public health information quickly, which is critical when details update. (By the way, if you look next door, you will see the attractive Campbell County Public Library LED readerboard monument sign we also did.)

SignBoss Specializes in Designing, Building, and Installing Monument Signs

Installing LED Monument Signs in Campbell County WY

The first step to designing a location-specific sign is the site survey. When our team went to look at the proposed installation venue, we noticed that there was no power. We discussed the situation with the client. After an electrician came out and ran a wire underneath the parking lot, we were able to use energy from the building to operate the sign.

Preparing to install the LED monument sign in Gillette WY

Our graphic artist designed the product to mimic the architectural style elements of the building. Choosing this approach is popular with our clients because it allows the new structure to fit in perfectly with the overall look and feel of the venue.

We manufactured the sign in three portions for on-site assembly for this project. The most critical piece is the LED-lighted cabinet. Our technicians made punch-through faces and installed the digital display board from Daktronics. To connect all three parts of the sign, we used a steel beam that begins below the brick and mortar base and goes all the way to the top.

The finished product is attractive, allows for the immediate release of time-sensitive information, and catches the attention of passersby.

Why Should You Invest in LED Reader Boards?

LED Readerboard Signs in Gillette WY

The full-color LED reader board not only looks great, but it also achieves the goal of reaching out to neighbors and those passing through. As a result, these products are popular with banks, investment firms, and retailers. Even schools are now recognizing that the use of LED reader boards has the power to communicate with a diverse student body and caregivers. Churches, too, like the technology because it enables them to reach out to a broad audience.

Alternatives to Monument Signs with Full-Color LED Reader Boards

LED Wayfinding Signs in Gillette WY

If you are not sure LED monument signs in Gillette, WY, are right for you, consider the alternatives. If full-color displays are not really what you had in mind, there are single-color displays. Moreover, changeable reader boards may be manual, but they give you the option of showing a message and making changes.

If you are unsure which product is right for you, the friendly team at SignBoss can help. We serve the business communities in and around the Gillette, Casper, Buffalo, and Sheridan areas of Wyoming. Call us today at 307-687-7446 to discuss your next project with a specialist!

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