Campbell County Public Library Welcomes with New LED Readerboard Monument in Gillette WY!

The Campbell County Public Library had a problem. Its monument sign with the associated readerboard was outdated and not working for the location. Because an off-brand reader was used, it lacked some of the functionalities that would have been necessary for an adequate display aimed at traffic. When the Library connected with our sign shop, we went ahead with the steps needed to put up a new LED readerboard monument sign in Gillette, WY.

A Site Survey Focuses on Space Suitability and Zoning Rules

New LED Readerboard Sign in Gillette WY

Their new LED readerboard sign…

A look at Campbell Countys Monument Sign Before the New One Was Installed

…certainly outshines the old one!

When most people think of site surveys for signage permitting, they automatically think of the to-scale drawings that need to be submitted. However, there is so much more to the process. For starters, we asked the client to identify the location where they wanted to have their monument sign installed.

Next, we measured to ensure that this spot was in keeping with the local zoning rules. Because we know the rules, we have no problem with the permitting process. Another critical step is the appointment with city workers to locate utilities and verify that the structure could go on the pinpointed spot.

Monument Sign Design and Fabrication

Site surveys are neeeded for monument signs in Gillette WY

We needed to perform a site survey for the new monument.

A monument sign is a combination of art and science. It must be brand-focused, communicate effectively with drivers and pedestrians, and fit in with the building’s overall architecture. Therefore, it takes careful planning to get the sizes right, gauge the traffic speed for letter height measurements, and calculate the strength of the individual elements from the engineering point of view.

PMS Colormatching the LED Readerboard Monument Sign in Gillette WY

We used our PMS Color Matching system to ensure the paint would match.

Finally, the aesthetics have to be in place. We presented the client with design options and color choices that would look fantastic in the space allotted for the sign. After the client chose the design that appealed to them, we turned the production over to our manufacturer. They built a monument sign that followed our specs. Look closely, and you notice the great appearance of natural rock and brick elements, which are actually made of foam.

Product Installation and Site Cleanup

Next, we worked with Daktronics, who is our preferred partner for electronic displays and animation boards. The experts there suggested the needed upgrades that would make the display readable from a distance. Moreover, they resolved other display issues by selecting colors and similar visual details. Finally, they set up a cloud-based method of uploading messages, graphics, and animations. Our team handled the installation.

What Could Your Company Do with a New LED Readerboard Monument Sign in Gillette, WY?

The new sign for the Campbell County Public Library is visually attractive and features all the branding necessary to assist with wayfinding. Most importantly, the readerboard fits in perfectly with the overall design. Concurrently, it allows drivers to read the information even from a distance.

We could do something similar for your business. Envision what your landscaping in front of your company could look like with a monument sign that is effective and looks fantastic. You determine the information that is displayed daily on the readerboard.

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