Bennion Lambourne Orthodontics Illuminates with Channel Letters in Gillette WY!

Bennion Lambourne Orthodontics has offices in Billings, Cody, Sheridan, and now at 530 Running West Drive in Gillette. When the clinic bought the new building, it had no signage. Therefore, it was essential to feature exterior lighted signs and products that would allow for adequate corporate branding. This was when the management team contacted SignBoss for assistance with channel letters in Gillette, WY.

Complementing Signs Give an Incoming Orthodontics Clinic a Strong, Brand-Centric Curb Appeal

Channel Letter Signs in Gillette WY

We discussed the signage options with the client and received the specs to create a perfect color match. Next, we got to work on the design, fabrication, and installation of three different signage products.

Flat cut metal letter building signs in Gillette WY

Non-lit, flat-cut metal letters. The clinic had two opportunities for façade signage. The first one features flat-cut metal letters that we manufactured according to the client’s font choice. Our technicians painted the individual style elements to focus on the color presentation.

Illuminated Channel Letters in Gillette WY

LED channel letters. For the wall that has street exposure, the client opted for font-lit channel letters. They illuminate brightly after dark, which makes this signage stand out beautifully. Moreover, it perfectly contrasts with the colors of the façade, which also allows the brand message to shine through during the day.

Tenant Panels for Pylon Signs in Gillette WY

Tenant panel. On the pylon sign for the RC Ranch Business Center, there were several open spots for the companies that do business at the location. Since the clinic just moved in, it was essential for its message to be clearly visible for motorists in need of directions. The use of a polycarbonate panel with imprinted vinyl overlay was the ideal solution.

Understanding the Installation Choices for Channel Letters

The vast majority of business owners prefer lighted channel letters for the building signage that faces the roads. Because the illumination is an excellent way of getting drivers and passersby’s attention, it is a necessary signage setup. However, some clients are unsure about the best installation.

Channel Letter Installation in Gillette WY

For example, a flush mount is typically a good choice. We hide the wiring and other lighting components behind the wall to which we mount the individual letters. It gives the building letters a neat look. Some clients request that we use standoffs because it boosts the three-dimensional character of the display.

A raceway mount refers to the use of a narrow box that contains the wiring. Because our technicians paint it in the same hue as the building’s front, it disappears from sight. Raceways are options when it is not possible to reach the letters from behind the façade.

Next, there is the wireway installation. Clients with problematic wall colors have found that it is a suitable option to introduce another brand color that helps the individual letters to stand out even more from the façade. As is the case with the raceway, it holds the wiring. However, it does so with an attractive board function.

Do You Need Help Buying Channel Letters in Gillette, WY?

Which installation option is right for your business? SignBoss can help. Our shop serves the business communities in and around Gillette, Casper, Buffalo, and Sheridan. We routinely work with companies that want to introduce a new brand to customers or make their brands more visible. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation!

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