Premier Bone & Joint Adds Custom 3D Letter Lobby Sign and Window Graphics in Gillette WY!

Gillette patients of Premier Bone & Joint Centers visit these state-of-the-art facilities at 1013 Boxelder Road. There, physicians treat injuries to feet, spines, wrists, and other joints. When the office needed a 3D letter lobby sign and window graphics in Gillette, WY, the management team contacted our sign shop to assist with the project.

Acrylic Lettering and Custom Vinyl Add Pizzazz to the Medical Office

3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Gillette WY

We collaborated with the client to receive the specs for fonts and colors. Next, we headed to our new favorite location – Area 59 – to cut the transparent acrylic material into perfectly measured letters with crisp edges. In the meantime, our technicians used our EFI printer to produce the perfect color match, which we later attached to the backs of the individual style elements.

After flush-mounting the pieces, they now combine to create an elegant display on the office’s focal wall. Next, we worked on frosted and imprinted window graphics. They repeat the company’s name and logo while also featuring the names of the practitioners. It is an excellent use of the window panel, which makes wayfinding a snap for the patient searching for the office.

Combining Window Graphics with Custom Lobby Signage is a Powerful Branding Tool

Office Window Graphics in Gillette WY

Teachers say that repetition is the mother of all learning. This is true not just in the classroom but also in the business world. The more frequently you repeat the display of your brand colors and font, the easier it is for the consumer to remember the display.

As a result, you have the option of boosting name recognition and increasing foot traffic. When you pair window graphics with a lobby sign, you succeed in repeating the information so that the consumer sees it while entering and after sitting down. It is a powerful one-two punch that begins and continues a brand conversation.

Adding Supportive Signage

But did you know that you might also add other signage components to the mix? For example, many business owners like to feature their lobby signs on the focal wall. Typically, this is the wall behind a reception desk, banner with stand, or info table. Because it immediately catches the eye, it is an excellent idea to add more brand messages to the location.

The banner with stand is a good option for customer education, displaying special offers, or seasonal product advertisements. Not surprisingly, it is a great way to repeat your colors, fonts, and logos. Some companies have also included co-branding opportunities for even more targeted results.

Consider also A-frame signs, wall-mounted custom office art, or etched cutouts for the vinyl window graphics.

Does Your Business Need to Buy a 3D Letter Lobby Sign and Window Graphics in Gillette, WY?

We can help. If you are not sure that acrylic is the best option, we can assist with metal, sign foam, PVC, or something else altogether. Moreover, consider etching, imprinting, or otherwise making your window graphics stand out. If the gray color is not to your liking, consider the many other colors that the vinyl comes in. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

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