Bear’s Dry Cleaners Adds New Design and Graphics to Ford Transit Connect Van in Gillette WY!

Located at 305 West Lakeway Road, Bear’s Naturally Clean Dry Cleaners & Laundry is your go-to location for fast, professional dry-cleaning services. Customers also appreciate the wash and fold service as well as the expert alterations. However, this business had a problem. Its logo and lettering were dated. When the company reached out to our sign shop to handle a rebranding, we dealt with all aspects of the project as well as Ford Transit Connect van graphics in Gillette, WY.

From Dated to Contemporary Vehicle Graphics with the Help of a Budget-Friendly Rebranding Project

Gillette WY Vehicle Wraps

We worked with the client on adjusting the look and feel of the logo and lettering. Because the business wanted to update its fleet with something more contemporary, it was essential that our strategy would be suitable for vehicle graphics and more.

Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs in Gillette WY

Our graphic artist began by redesigning the logo in different ways. After presenting these graphics to the client, in the form of what is called a vehicle wrap proof, we outlined the advantages of each approach. When the client selected the one mock-up that appealed to them the most, we brought this vision to life by printing the graphics.

Van Wraps for Drycleaners in Gillette WY

Notice the blue, white, and yellow color combination that now dominates the design. Moreover, we updated the bear graphic to be much more in keeping with the contemporary customer’s taste. It now looks sleek and creates an enticing play on words. In addition, we upgraded the graphics package to highlight aspects of the company’s services menu.

Why a Brand Rejuvenation Stands Out in All the Right Ways

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It is tempting to stay with the same logo and font that you have had for years – perhaps decades. That said, consider that contemporary tastes differ from what was popular just a short decade ago. Because consumers are always on the lookout for the latest service or product, a dated presentation will quickly stand out – but not in the right way. Rather, unintentionally outdated displays show that you might not have kept in step with the times.

Delivery Van Wraps in Gillette WY

Not surprisingly, plenty of business owners choose to make changes to their brand identities every so often. For some, it is little more than a change to a color presentation. Others adjust a font or the look of a logo. If you are unsure how your current name and corporate symbol could look with an upgrade, we can help!

Order a Brand Refresh and Ford Transit Connect Van Graphics in Gillette, WY, Today!

Ford Transit Connect van graphics in Gillette WY

You do not need to have a new set of specs that we can follow. In fact, we gladly work with you to discover new ways of featuring your logo and lettering. Because we know that it is difficult to make these modifications, we can show you minimal alterations as well as radical changes. You decide what you want to keep.

Once you have selected the new corporate persona you want to present, we transform it into actual signage. Examples include lobby signs, building markers, window graphics, and vehicle wraps and graphics. Reach out to us today to start the project!

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