New Logo Design and Truck Decals for Yeager Trucking in Gillette WY!

After years of running the Yeager family business in Green River, Russ & Grace Yeager have opened a trucking company out of this city. For more than five decades, customers have associated the name with auto bodywork, snowmobile racing, and more. With this much brand history, it was imperative that our sign shop would honor the family’s tradition while developing a logo design and truck decals in Gillette, WY.

Developing a Corporate Palette That Impresses

Logo design and truck decals in Gillette WY

Starting with the customer-provided inspiration, our team studied previous logos, artworks, specs, and apparel to determine the colors that encapsulate this brand. To exemplify how far our graphic artist went, consider that we even had duct tape and colored pencils to help match! This is one of the first times doing so.

However, we were able to choose Pantone matches from these inspirations that derive from a solid coated color book. As a result, this client now has a color standard moving forward. It allows them to have future signage and sales collateral perfectly matched to the selected palette.

Taking a Closer Look at Color Selection, Development, and Workarounds

Logo Design in Gillette WY

As a general rule of thumb, when we design anything to be printed physically, we create the file in CMYK because printers use a mix of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to develop the actual colors. Computer screens use a mix of RGB, which stands for red, green, and blue, to create bright-lighted visuals.

This unique logo required neon colors with a subtle glow effect to really make the lettering pop. To get those results in print media, we thought outside the box, designed the RGB specs, and even printed the finished product in this color setting. It worked perfectly! Most importantly, the client loved the colors and was happy to hit the road with the new custom logo and truck decals for their first trip.

Trucking Decals in Gillette WY

Look at the drafts that our team created. They show you the gradual process of featuring attractive visuals in a color presentation that is highly unusual. Also, our team added light and dark accents to the decals, which give them the illusion of being three-dimensional signs. Customers will have an easy time remembering the vehicles as they drive past.

Full Customization Means Doing the New and Groundbreaking

Decals for Trucking Companies in Gillette WY

Our shop prides itself on thinking outside the box and we always suggest fleet marketing. We do not limit our clients’ visions because they do not neatly fit into the ways “we have always done it.” This particular set of logo design and truck decals in Gillette, WY, was a fantastic learning experience. It helped our team explore color palettes more closely and find ways to create unexpected displays that perfectly embody everything your brand is about.

If you have been toying with the idea of making some changes to your colors, or maybe you have been considering a rebranding for your products or services, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. Our team will gladly assist you with all design aspects of the project.

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