Elementary School Welcomes Students with Pole Banners and Entryway Vinyl Wraps in Gillette WY!

Prairie Wind Elementary is home to the Dust Devils. Located at 200 Overdale Drive, the school was readying the campus for back-to-school events. To ensure that learners and parents felt right at home on campus, the administration contacted our sign shop to put together some welcoming pole banners and entryway vinyl wraps in Gillette, WY.

Branding Gives the School a Fun Environment While Boosting School Pride

Pole Banners and entryway vinyl wraps in Gillette WY

The school opted for a high-quality vinyl door wrap with perforated window coverings. It displays the school’s mascot, features its colors, and extends to include the entrance patio covering and the columns that hold it up. Not only does the door wrap make the entrance to the school easy to see, but it also adds a friendly touch of art to the façade.

School Signs and Graphics in Gillette WY

For the poles, we produced banners with wind slits. They, too, highlight the school’s mascot. Others identify the school by name. Combining two different designs is a great way of adding ambiance to the school’s property while also underscoring its colors and mascot.

These signage products offer friendly touches to the campus that the young learners are sure to appreciate.

Why Add Vent Holes to a Banner?

Installing Pole Banners for Schools in Gillette WY

Vent holes, or wind slits, are necessary when you plan to mount a vinyl banner to posts, trees, and between buildings. They are also needed for fence installations. The slits allow the wind to pass through the signage, which reduces the stress on the material. Therefore, the sign lasts longer, and you might prevent unsightly rips or cracks near the mounting spots.

Vinyl Door Wraps in Gillette WY

If you want to avoid this practice, or if the positioning of the wind slits could mar the good looks of the banner’s overall design, we recommend a different production option. Mesh banners look as though they are solid vinyl; however, about a third of the banner’s makeup consists of holes. Positioned at regular intervals throughout the material, they allow the wind to pass through the sign.

Entryway Vinyl Pole Wraps in Gillette WY

This construction works very well for signs that feature bright, popping colors. That said, it is also possible to display dark colors, but in some cases, they may allow the consumer to look beyond the sign.

Do You Want to Add Pole Banners and Entryway Vinyl Wraps in Gillette, WY?

Vinyl Pole Banners in Gillette WY

Our sign shop routinely works with members of the local business community looking for ways to engage consumers in a brand conversation. Traditional signage presentations involving building signs, wall murals, window graphics, and vehicle wraps are suitable beginnings.

Vinyl Graphics for Schools in Gillette WY

Including door wraps and pole banners are an excellent option for taking your brand message to the next level. They draw attention to your branding even before the consumer might take in your building sign. Most importantly, this practice allows you to add another advertising element to your façade’s setup.

If you are unsure how to combine these signage solutions with the products you are already featuring on your property, we can help. Our graphic artist will gladly show you different banner designs that could be ideally suited for your location. Moreover, we help you with the design of the door wrap. Contact us today!

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