Tents, Table Throws, and Zoom Flags

Spring is upon us, and that means nice weather – for the most part! – so, people start spending more time outside.

Here at Sign Boss LLC, we can cater to just that: the outdoors. This spring and summer, we can take care of all your outdoor needs; whether it’s at golf tournaments, baseball/softball games, company picnics, basically anything imaginable with completely customizable¬†products such as tent canopies to stay cool on those hot sunny days; from table throws to Zoom ™ flags, we have your outdoor advertising needs covered.

In the past, we have customized tents canopies just like the ones you see above. The yellow tent was for the Memory of 8, which commemorated the 8 cross country runners who passed, and the white tent was for Rehab Solutions. Also in the Rehab Solutions picture are teardrop Zoom ™ flag signs, as well as a table throw: on that windy day, the table throw stayed on through it all.

Also available to order include table throws and Zoom ™ flags (pictured above in the teardrop, feather, or straight designs). These products are great for being outdoors because there are fitted table throws–they don’t fly off like normal table cloths do. Zoom ™ flags are designed to be noticed: from 10 feet tall to 16 feet tall,

From Wind Signs to Zoom ™ Flags, billboards to building signs, and car wraps to door logos, Sign Boss LLC has you covered with all your advertising needs. Come in or contact us with an idea for a free quote!


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