Signage Hacks: How to Get Your Message Out There

If your business signage is dull, no one will pay attention to it. But if you want to make a difference, your signage should be dynamic and engaging as opposed to being static and one-sided. How will you achieve that?

Here are four signage hacks that will ensure your signage is absorbed and read by many people as possible.

Keep It Simple

This is a general rule that helps companies to avoid over-thinking and making their signs complicated. This adage is specially applied when designing your signage, where you need to keep your message concise and clear at all costs.

When you want to attract someone’s attention, brevity is king. Look for ways of communicating your message with as few words possible. In doing so, you will draw the attention of your audience and stand out from your competitors who lose potential clients by displaying wall of text in their adverts.

Accept It: Size Matters

In your sign design pay attention to the size. Bigger is not always better. If you are targeting passing motorists, then you need to invest in more prominent signage that can be easily spotted. But if you are aiming those walking on foot, your signage can be smaller.

Include Sound and Vision

Your signage needs to talk to your customers. This will make your brand to sell faster compared to others in the crowded market. But that doesn’t mean you have to include music in your signage; consider a voice-over approach. Always remember that some of your clients prefer audio while others love visuals. So, if your clients can’t read, they will hear.

Let Your Potential Clients Make the Next Move

When designing your signage, create a sense of excitement and urgency while giving your readers clear directions on the steps they need to take. You should call them to act after reading the information contained in your signage.

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