Sheridan Motor Updates Logo! SignBoss Works with Designer and Installs New Sign Faces to Cabinet Pole Sign!

Sheridan Motors has a new look! Have you seen it? Although already highly visible, the cabinet pole sign on the property had an outdated look. It no longer encapsulated the company’s contemporary brand message. SignBoss was there to assist with new sign faces for cabinet pole signs in Sheridan, WY.

Effective Collaboration Results in Eye-Catching Signage Overhaul

We can use your graphics for new cabinet pole sign faces in Sheridan WY

First, we received the graphics from the client to print and install.

Sheridan Motors worked with its in-house designers on the new look they wanted the customers to see. You will notice that it departs from the white-on-red lettering for the main cabinet. Instead, the company now integrates red, blue, and white as its corporate palette.

Moreover, the company is using a stylized mountain backdrop that immediately catches the attention of passersby. Our technicians worked with the dealership’s graphic designers to receive the updated artwork. Following the color palette instructions, we printed the individual style elements.

Next, we headed out to the client. We brought the Genie lift trailer that would allow us to access the panel. Doing so enabled our installers to place the newly imprinted vinyl onto the box cabinet at the top of the pylon. It is now highly visible, perfectly brands Sheridan Motors, and contrasts beautifully with the backdrop.

Is It Time to Freshen Your Sign’s Appearance?

New Sign Faces for Cabinet Pole Signs in Sheridan WY

Next, we were on site to replace the cabinet sign faces with the new corporate graphics!

Sign freshening is a service we provide. It typically has three elements.

Design. Our graphic artist works with the client on the new look they want to feature. This could be part of a rebranding effort, the desire to replace one signage facing with another one that looks bolder, or for the combination of several signage components that tie together for a new look.

Production. With this information on hand, we fabricate the products right here, in our shop. Imprinted vinyl is the most commonly selected product for box cabinets and panels. Of course, we gladly fabricate other products as well.

Installation. Our installers coordinate with you to schedule a time that works well for your business. At that time, we arrive with our equipment, put up the signage, and clean up.

That said, you do not have to limit yourself when you need a sign freshening. As you can see, we collaborate effectively with designers, which makes it possible for us to receive your specs from third parties to print the items out here. Moreover, if you already have the fabricated signage on hand, we will gladly install it for you.

Does Your Business Need New Sign Faces for Cabinet Pole Signs in Sheridan, WY?

Updated Sign Faces for Cabinet Pole Sign in Sheridan WY

What a difference once the new sign faces were installed!

Do you wonder whether the sign has enough life left in it to stay up for a few more years? Invite our technicians to visit your location for a site survey. We take a closer look at the sign, ensure that it is structurally sound, check that it is up to code, and give you an honest estimate. You decide if you want to keep it, repair it, or replace it.

Most of the time, a refacing is all the structure needs. Contact SignBoss today to find out more about your options and to schedule a site survey!

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