Printed Magnets for Prairie Wind Elementary School

One of our favorite things at SignBoss is helping our community here in Gillette, Wyoming. So, we were thrilled when a local elementary school reached out for some help creating interesting items to sell at a fundraiser. Fundraisers can really make a difference for schools, helping them raise money for everything from better school activities, new and improved technology, school trips, and much more. When Prairie Wind Elementary contacted us, we were happy to help them raise some money for their school.IMG_0843.jpg

The Idea

The client wanted something interesting that they could sell at events that would also represent the school’s pride. We spoke to the client and worked with them to come up with some great ideas. The client settled on magnets that depicted the Dust Devils’ mascot along with the school’s name. We figured that magnets were an easy, compact, and transportable item that would draw attention and engage people interested in purchasing them. So, we got to work on these awesome magnets right away.


The magnets were custom made for the client. Not only did we use the school’s design in the print, but also printed the magnets to a custom size. We used a direct print method for these magnets using our flatbed printer. The entire process took about a week and the result was an awesome fundraising device. These unique magnets were a truly awesome option for Prairie Wind Elementary. They can be easily transported and sold at any number of school events. You might say they can sell them wherever the wind might take them.

Great Products

Magnets, like the ones we made for Prairie Wind, are a great option for anyone looking to raise funds. People love to represent their schools, sports teams, local businesses, etc. These magnets can be used to show that love on vehicles, refrigerators, or even school lockers. They’re a reasonable option for anyone looking to increase school spirit, raise awareness, get noticed, or just advertise their business and raise some cash for a good cause.

If you’re interested in magnets or other materials for tradeshows, fundraisers, expos, or another event, contact our awesome team! We can help you find something that is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression!

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