Old Sign Removal and New Sign Installation for Long John Silver’s in Gillette!

You already know of the tasty partnership between AWS and Long John Silver’s. Because the latter had done some rebranding, it was time for the local favorite at 1920 Cliff Davis Drive to update. We were happy to help with the old sign removal and new sign installation in Gillette WY. Because keeping in step with national standards is necessary for successful franchises, the company connected with our sign shop to assist with the project.

Any Successful Rebranding Starts with a Professional Sign Removal in Gillette

Building Sign Removal in Gillette WY

Here’s a pic of the old sign that needed to be removed.

After meeting with the client to get the new specs, we set up an appointment to remove the old signage setup. It consisted of a logo box cabinet and raceway-mounted channel letters. While we had technicians dismantling the elements of the old sign, others were in the shop getting the new “fish” logo sign ready for install.

This logo sign consists of cloud letters that illuminate after dark. They incorporate the company’s color palette and perfectly match the new logo using a box cabinet. Because we mounted it with standoffs, which reinforce the three-dimensional aspect of the product, it casts an interesting shadow during the day.

Now, visitors to the location take notice of the rebranding and welcome the opportunity to come on in and see what else might be new.

Working with a One-Stop Sign Shop Makes the Difference

Building Sign Removal and Sign Installation in Gillette WY

Our bucket truck prepares to remove the old sign.

Whether you are rebranding or putting together a new brand identity for the first time, it is imperative to work with a one-stop sign shop that understands your needs and meets them. This is not the time to put together several vendors. Instead, work with one company that handles all aspects of the job.

Design. Do you already have the specs on hand? Alternatively, do you need a little assistance putting together some ideas? Our team wants to help. Of course, we also welcome receiving specs from third parties such as advertising agencies or franchise offices.

Removal. We provide the needed removal for the business owner who has outdated style elements on the façade or anywhere else on the property. Our team will set up a convenient time for you, which means our work does not interfere with your business.

Fabrication. While all this is going on, we have a crew at the shop putting together your sign products. The goal is to time the different tasks so that the project flows perfectly. We are also happy to accept your completed sign and install it at your Gillette location.

Installation. You will only have a blank façade for a minimum of time. In fact, many clients may see us in the morning removing the old products and then having the crew put in the new ones right away.

Do You Need a Sign Removal and New Sign Installation in Gillette WY?

Illuminated Building Sign Installation in Gillette WY

Here’s a pic showing the new building sign after install!

Our sign shop is ready to work with your company. We routinely collaborate with local businesses to handle all aspects of your project. Moreover, we work around your schedule to make any signage projects easy for your staff members. Contact us today to learn more about your options and schedule a consultation to discuss your signage project!

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