MC Welding Keeps Fleet Consistent with Color Change Truck Wraps in Gillette WY

The team at SignBoss is grateful for the working relationships we have created with local companies. A good example is MC Welding. In the past, we put together a custom-routered Dibond sign for the firm. Recently, the client asked us to install one of our color change truck wraps in Gillette, WY.

A Red Truck Turns into a White Work Truck

Color change truck wraps in Gillette WY

We started this project with a red truck…

The business bought a reliable truck to add to its fleet. Its only flaw was its red color. All the other company trucks are white. MC Welding talked to our team to determine how we could help him match it with his other white trucks. No problem!

Color change vehicle wraps in Gillette WY

…and transformed the vehicle to match MC Welding’s fleet of white trucks!

A full-color change wrap is about half the price of a complete paint job and is great for fleet vehicles. Also, unlike a paint job, removing the wrap is quick and easy. If you are leasing a vehicle or plan on selling it in the future, and if you need a unique color, you do not jeopardize the money you could collect by having us do the color change with vinyl.

A Long Warranty Benefits Business Owners

We work with materials from 3M, which is the leading authority on vinyl fabrication for wraps. Depending on the type of material you select, warranties range from three to eight years. If you do not anticipate owning the vehicle for a long time, there is no point investing in longer-lasting products.

Our 3M Preferred Vehicle Wrap Installers in Gillette WY

Our 3M Preferred Installers get to work on the color change wrap!

Also, remember that you will probably spend quite a bit of time traveling to suppliers and customers on dirt roads. You know that they chew up the underside of trucks, cars, and vans. Rock damage and chipping on the hood and fenders are almost impossible to avoid. However, if you want to make repairs, you would only need to rewrap the affected area versus repainting the whole vehicle.

Specialists in Their Field Handle the Installation

Is it difficult to wrap your mind around a full-color shape of a vehicle? Our 3M-certified installation technicians know how to treat the angles, the curves, long straight lines, and everything in between. Depending on the extent of the project, we can completely wrap a truck in two to three days.

Color change fleet wraps in Gillette WY

Is your fleet of trucks branding your business?

Typically, we ask that you let us keep the vehicle for a week. It gives us a chance to monitor the vinyl for material failure. It does not happen. But if it were to occur, it is better to happen in your shop than in your garage.

Wraps Do Not Damage Vehicles

You might worry about the underlying paint job when you buy color change truck wraps in Gillette, WY. There is nothing to fear. The vinyl and adhesive do not react with the paint, which remains in pristine condition. If you decide to remove the wrap, we gently heat the material and peel it off.

Several of our SignBoss team members have had wraps on personal vehicles, and there was never a problem. Of course, you do not have to take our word for it. Set up an appointment with our shop today, and see how we can change your vehicle!

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