Keytags for Quality Auto

Working with local businesses is something we take great pride in here at Signboss. We really love it when those local businesses come back to work with us again. This was the case then Coi Morehead at Quality Auto contacted us for some help with creating graphics that they could handout to customers and potential customer.

The Client

Quality Auto sells new and used cars here in Gillette. They hand pick their inventory to make sure that you get the best vehicle possible when you buy from them. Their customer service is well-known in the area, but they wanted to make sure they were making an even bigger impact on their customers and getting their name out and about more in the community. The thing is, sometimes big impact can come in a small package.IMG_0790 (1).jpg

The Product

Quality Auto asked us to create small keytags that they could hand out when they made a sale, or just to give to individuals who came by the lot to look around. These keytags were custom made for each member of the sales team at Quality Auto. So, they had the salesperson’s name and contact information on them. This makes it easy for potential buyers to remember who they talked to as they shopped around the lot and makes sure customers who bought cars remember who sold it to them. This allows buyers to return to Quality Auto and contact a salesman they know and trust and even recommend that individual to friends and family.

All of that means that Quality Auto is getting great exposure and leaving a big mark on their customers with these small handouts.


Photo-Layout.jpg Package, Big Impact

Advertising doesn’t always have to be about big billboards. Sometimes it’s little things like these keytags that get a name and a brand into the hands of potential customers. This familiarity is great for building a relationship with your customers, clients, and potential business partners. And, of course, everyone loves free stuff.

So, if you’re looking to get your business noticed, our team at Signboss can help you. We know that sometimes, the small things are what leave a lasting impression. So, contact us today!

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