Hulett EMS Adds Noticeable and Branding Ambulance Wraps in Crook County WY!

Hulett Emergency Medical Services is located at 123 Hill Street. Because they are situated in Hulett, they act as the lead agency for emergencies at that location. The local emergency services agencies work with federal, Wyoming State, and Crook County agencies to prepare for urgent situations. Recently, we were able to assist the organization with new ambulance wraps in Crook County, WY.

Ambulance Wrap Design Considerations

Ambulance Graphics in Crook County WY

A look at the ambulance before the vehicle wraps.

When Hulett EMS called our sign shop, they were closing the deal on purchasing a new ambulance. The town of Hulett is near the Devil’s Tower, which is a national monument. When discussing the look of the ambulance wrap, we naturally thought about putting the tower on the vehicle’s side.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Ambulances in Hulett WY

What a difference the vinyl graphics make!

However, Sundance ambulances already carry the Devil’s Tower image, so we needed to “outdo” their design. By the way, the client had a tight schedule. The ambulance had to be ready for action in three short weeks. Could we do it? Of course!

A Patriotic Statement Makes up the New Look of the Ambulance

New Logo Design in Hulett WY

We also designed a new logo!

Our graphic artist asked Hulett EMS for their existing logo and branding specs. Once again, the client told us no. They were not happy with the current logo they had. Therefore, we reconfigured the project to include the design of a functional logo and brand presentation.

The client liked the Wyoming Bucking Horse we wanted to put in. They also asked for lettering spelling out “In God We Trust” and an EKG heartbeat graphic. Our team went to work and designed an attractive wrap that features a patriotic message and brands the Hulett EMS vehicle.

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At the shop, technicians printed the various style elements on 3M IJ180 vinyl. For one window, we used perforated vinyl, which lets the person on the inside see out. The person on the outside sees a continuation of the brand message. For the unit numbers, we used two-inch cut vinyl.

Ambulance Wraps in Crook County WY

…and After!

A closer look at the finished product shows that the spacing of graphics and lettering is ideally set up to avoid areas with cutouts. In addition, our artist used a picture of the American flag in motion, which gives the vehicle wrap texture and depth. Now, the vehicle quickly and effectively brands Hulett EMS. (And yes, we “outdid” the other design.)

Which Vehicle Do You Have That Needs a Graphics Treatment?

Whether you need Ambulance Wraps in Crook County, WY, or graphics treatments for police vehicles, commercial trucks, public works trucks, or school vehicles, we can help. If it drives, we can wrap it. Even if it does not move, there is a good chance that we can apply graphics to it.

Our team can work with the specs you already have or design something completely new from the ground up. If you do not like your current color, decal arrangement, or lettering combination, we can give you some ideas on how to shake things up. If you would like to add some texture to the look, 3D graphics, or reflective vinyl accents, we can do that, too.

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