Help Your Small Business Spread Its Wings with These Signage Tips

Proper signage is the key to ensuring effective communication. The first objective of any sign is to attract people’s attention. The second goal is to ensure people read the sign and understand what it requires of them.

Signage exists to:

  • Inform
  • Educate 
  • Sell products and services
  • Give direction or 
  • Welcome 

Whether you are designing indoor or outdoor signs, certain factors are common to the two types of signage. 


As you design signs for your small business, make them simple. Ensure it is not crowded with text. Use as few words as possible to pass across your message. Complex designs are off-putting. 


This has to do with the content of your signage. For starters, it is crucial to consider size. The sign material should be spacious enough so you do not squeeze letters or symbols. Remember to use contrast, which is about the background and foreground.

Employ dark and light shades to create a perfect contrast. For instance, use white letters on a black background or the vice versa. Avoid using typefaces that are hard to read. They will do you no good.


If you already have company colors, use them in designing your signage. People tend to identify a company or brand based on their colors. However, if you do not have brand colors, consider attractive colors in your design. 


Consistency creates some kind of appealing uniformity in your signs. It is about typefaces, contrast, and colors. Stick to the same typeface, color, and contrast if possible, but especially the typeface. 


Having a small enterprise doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. Ensure you check the material used in making your business signs. It should be high-quality and durable. This way, you save money on maintenance or having to frequently replace the signs altogether. 


An excellent signage entails simple words. No one has time to figure out difficult messaging or jargon. It actually frustrates potential clients. Keep every wording simple and precise. 

Digital signs 

Digitals signs are about using screens to communicate. For example, during exhibitions or sales promotion, you can set up screens explaining different aspects of your business. Or at the entrance of your premise, set up a screen with a repetitive visual message about what you have to offer customers. 


It is possible to have a legible, colorful, digital, consistent, and simple signage but what is its placement? Keep your signs away from barriers to ensure they are visible. They should be close to your premises. If you are using screens, make sure they are at a comfortable height for people to view. 

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