Expert Tips to Engineer a Great Retail Experience

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Nowadays, consumers are no longer interested in having retailers meet their expectations – they want them to exceed.

In retail, customer service is all about satisfying the customers. However, satisfaction is no longer enough. In this era, the marketplace is ultra-competitive. Your competition isn’t only other retail stores in your area. There are also online stores.

This glaring truth should give you a scare. An online retailer can easily meet customers’ expectations. Why? Because online, everything is very simple: search-buy-ship. Click, click, click. Your expectations are truly and simply met.

So, if you want to be the one who exceeds customers’ expectations, you must become a great retail experience engineer. Here are some tips to aid you in this mission.

  1. Train Experience Instead of Selling.

The retail experience starts and ends with your customer, not your product. The retail shoppers’ top complaint is that no one greets them when they enter the store. Your employees must focus on the area of customer experience because today service is selling and vice versa. Consumers don’t want a service department and a sales department. They want one person to do all of it. 

  1. Hire Workers Who Will Execute Your Vision.

This is the problem: You can’t train experience. Yes, you can try, encourage, reward and have some impact. However, it is based on what you begin with. Workers who focus on experience are not only behaving like that at work but also in their own lives. They are wired for real experience and because of it they can deliver it to your customers. Hire people who naturally smile. 

  1. Reward Experience.

Customers usually do not come back. They would just go elsewhere to find that better experience. Only those who get proper retail experience and whose expectations were exceeded become your loyal customers. Consider rewarding your customers as well as your top sales representative.

  1. Compare Experiences.

Customers often compare the experience or service they get in your store to the ones elsewhere, not the other way around. You have to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Do your own shopping at places that provide a great experience and see how and what they do.

  1. Remember PURSE.
  • Personalized. Tailor your service to your customers’ wants and needs.
  • Unique. Give your customers unique and lasting experience.
  • Repeatable. Ensure you can recreate the process you can utilize to give each customer the experience you’ve designed everytime they interact with you.
  • Surprising. Engineer experiences that will give your customers something unexpected and delightful.
  • Engaging. Build a customer persona so you better understand their preferences and the bad points that you must address quickly.

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