How to Design a Trade Show Display for Success

To create an effective trade show display, the best option is to use simple images and messages and clean layouts. Every trade show display should include some basic elements:

  1. Visuals: Simple, bold and clear images are visually most attractive. 
  2. Headline: Carefully choose words for your headline. Simple, clear and short ones attract most of the attention. The typeface should also be simple and easy to read. Simple, bold graphics will do perfectly.
  3. Writing a description: Headlines and graphics should be short. It is the best way they can capture the attention of a reader. Pay attention to each word. Simple messages and images and a clean layout are the most effective way to catch the attention.
  4. Prominent company name: Company’s name should be put in the header to make it easy for all to see. 
  5. Mention your website and social media address: Your website address is the most important message in your display. Ideally, a website name should be both meaningful and easy to remember. 

To have a successful trade show, it is always useful to: 

  • Make a display table stand out.
  • Use a presentation board.
  • Have a template of your company name.
  • Arrange display table properly.
  • Draw attention with video or slideshows.
  • Use social media to promote your booth.
  • Have giveaways;  business cards, brochures, magnets and other things with a company’s logo on it.
  • Gift certificates – when visitors cash in gift certificates they see how valuable your services are.
  • Draw prize – offer a prize that complements your business.
  • Show off your work.
  • Assistant – it’s a great option to have someone to take over for a bit.
  • Welcoming visitors – it is important to be friendly and inviting, always strike a conversation with visitors to your trade show booth.

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