5 Custom Sign Design Strategies

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Custom sign design needs creativity and consistency, but you should also determine the main goals of your design. To accomplish these goals, you need to follow five custom sign design strategies.

  1. Use highly contrasting colors

The difference between the letters and the background color of the sign will determine its legibility. A good custom sign should give your eyes the power to differentiate between the background and the letters used. In short, the fonts should be right while combined with highly contrasting colors. 

  1. Employ the content layering rule

A common mistake that most people make involves putting too much text on the sign. The rule ensures that the sign has a spacious design thus making letters visible from afar. In addition to that, the rule ensures that all the letters have the right spacing and size. 

  1. Apply the correct writing style

Like any other text, bolding and using bullets improves the legibility of your sign. If you are not imitating any brand name, it is good to avoid using different writing styles on one sign. It is also important to avoid the use of italics because it makes your sign illegible from a distance. 

  1. Use focusing strategy

Direct the focus of your customers on what you need them to see. You can do that by including headings, graphics, and signals with highly contrasting colors. Use shiny colors if you want your custom sign to be visible at night. 

  1. Choose colors wisely 

Knowing how to choose the right color will help you use the right color in the foreground while combining it with a good background that perceptually speaks about your brand. Note that human eyes are sensitive to green and red colors. That does not mean that you fill the sign with all types of colors. Use a specialist who knows more about colors. 

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