The 3 Most Popular Printing Methods for Business Signage

The basic interest of our services is to offer the best professional-looking and highest quality signs to our clients. We, therefore, ensure that you get the most popular printing methods that will help you in developing not only vibrant but also long-lasting designs. The usage of different printing methods allows for customizable printing for any size, material and purpose.

Given this, the printing methods which have been found to be the most used are the screen printing, UV printing and the offset printing. Each one of them uniquely provides high quality printing on different materials. We will highlight each of the methods that lead to best signage for your business.

The UV (Ultraviolet) Printing

The UV printing or the digital UV printing method is one of the popular method that uses the UV lighting. The UV lighting in this method is used specifically to dry a specialized ink onto a material you have chosen to use. This involves the usage of a UV ink that instantly do react with UV light thus drying it faster as compared to other methods which are being used currently.

This method provides more vibrant printed color since the UV ink cannot be absorbed into the material on which it is printed and cannot also evaporate into the air since it dries instantly. The UV ink is very durable as the designed printed through this method is resistant to abrasion and scratch but when it is exposed to a constant and very harsh abrasion, then it will scratch.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Fast drying
  • Print on any virtually surface
  • Vibrant colors


  • Inks can be brittle if not correctly cured
  • Uses very expensive equipment and printers

Screen Printing

The modern screen printing has become a popular printing method on clothing and various materials like glass, plastic and metals. It uses stencil (screen) to imprint images onto materials through a process where ink from stencil is transferred onto surface.

In screen printing, instead of solid stencil, a mesh is used and ink is still transferred onto the material from the mesh through the application of pressure to the mesh that finally forces the ink onto the material surface. When different colors are used in a design, layers of stencils are used thus allow colors to print separately.

Though this method gives a high-quality look of design, it is difficult in printing intricate designs using this method due to limited mesh stencil size. This limitation makes screen printing not recommendable for producing photos.


  • Affordable for high quantity simple printing works
  • Works on various number of substrates
  • Ink used can withstand multiple washing


  • More costly per unit on small orders
  • High cost of set up
  • The size of material is limited

Offset Printing

This method is commonly used in high quantity production of brochures, flyers, magazines and other visual communication publications, mostly because it uses a style of printing known as the assembly line. The assembly line integrates many printers in a row where pages are cycled through and each printer only prints one color at a time using the format of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). This process provides a more vibrant and solid color since it uses ink instead of toner.

Due to the need of calibrating each printer in the assembly line in accordance with the required specification of every task, this method is more appropriate in large quantity production. It is limited to printing one side of a page thus cycling a page through the second time is required for double-sided printing.


  • When folded, ink does not crack
  • Use ink instead solvent
  • Can produce extremely high quantities


  • It is only for smaller format printing
  • Printers are of high cost

For more information about printing methods and business signage, contact us at Sign Boss. We implement the above three methods to produce high-quality business signage to meet any demand.

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